Self-Support Panel

Guidelines on How To Use Self-Support Portal

A well-designed self-support portal dashboard can significantly improve the customer experience by providing a streamlined and intuitive interface for managing their account and accessing information about the product and services.

So Incevio offers customers their own dashboard to manage their accounts and resolve issues on their own, without needing to contact support and wait hours to get the solution. It’s a self-service portal with a support forum. You can easily register on after purchasing a product from incevio site. You can manage all of your licenses to your portal account to track installations, services, and purchases and to get the updated version of the code at any time at your convenience. This dashboard will offer you access to self-service tools such as reset license, the ability to live chat with the support team and post all of your queries in the forum for taking support from other incevio users. This can provide you with a faster and more convenient support experience.


Go to and Click the “Log in” Button

Here you need to sign up with your product license key (Purchase Key). Then you’ll find your own dashboard to manage your all license & installations.

Manage Licenses:

You can add all of your product licenses here by clicking the “+” icon.

Download Codes:

After purchase, while you will add the licenses here you’ll find a download option of the product source code. Even after updating the product code the author, you’ll get the future updated version code from here.

Reset License/Installations:

Since you can reuse your license by deleting the previous installation so when required you can reset your license yourself by clicking “Manage Installation”.

You can easily reset your license by clicking the “Delete” button from the license page. After the successful reset, you can start a new installation using your license.

Unblock IP:

If you get an error message "Connection to remote server can't be established" while installing/reinstalling your license it may be the reason of your IP block. You can unblock the IP yourself by clicking “Manage Installation”.

Now you need to input your IP here to check the status.

IP Unblock

If it gets block you can unblock it yourself by clicking the "Unblock" button

IP Unblock


Besides this, you can handle your own profile as well.

Change Password:

You can change the password anytime if required. Changing your password frequently reduces the risk of your account being hacked. When you change your password, any potential hackers who may have gained access to your old password will no longer be able to use it.

Access Forum:

From your dashboard, you can go to the forum community to get help from other incevio users as well as from the support team. You can share all of your queries/difficulties here to get support. it provides a platform for users to connect, share information, collaborate with each other, and contribute to the development of the software in a meaningful way.


Services provided by the team can help save customers time and effort. If customers are not familiar with the installation and configuration process, it can be time-consuming and frustrating for them to figure it out on their own. Providing a service can help customers get up and running quickly and easily. Thus incevio offers some services to customers.

It’s basically for those who aren’t interested to do the technical stuff yourself by following the documentation. We offer-

  • Installation service with server configuration
  • Configuration Service
  • Translation service
  • Upgradation service
  • New payment method integration service
  • Postman API collection
  • Design and integrate a new theme
  • Customization Service
  • Extend Membership:

    After 6 months you need to renew your support license to get support from our support team. Without a valid support license, it’s beyond our scope to provide support to anyone.

    There are three plans. You can choose one as per your choice.


    Last but not least, You can get access to all of the documentation from the footer section without wasting time by asking others. Documentation makes it easy for new users to get started with the product. It provides clear instructions on how to install, configure, and use the product, which can save time and reduce frustration.

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