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What's New In zCart 2.9?

  • Sabrina Lucky
  • 9 months ago
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What's new in zCart 2.9?

We are delighted to announce the release of zCart new version 2.9, which introduces several exciting new features and improvements to enhance your experience.

Below, we have outlined the key additions in this latest update:

Featured Vendor Display on Home Page:

The updated homepage now showcases a maximum of three featured vendors selected by the admin. This allows you to highlight specific three vendors and promote their products more effectively. Each featured vendor will have five of their top products displayed on the home page, providing increased visibility and exposure.

Display of Sold Quantity on Product Details Page:

To further enhance user experience, we have implemented the display of the total sold quantity for each product on the product details page. This information empowers users to make informed purchase decisions by observing the popularity and demand of a particular product. Please note that this feature will only be visible for products that have been purchased at least once.

Flash Deal Information on Product Details Page:

We understand the importance of transparent pricing and offering enticing deals to customers. With the new update, shoppers can now easily access flash deal information directly on the product details page. This enhancement enables users to swiftly identify any available discounts and special offers associated with specific products, facilitating a more convenient shopping experience.

Admin License Reset Capability from the Dashboard:

We have listened to your feedback and are thrilled to introduce a highly requested feature - the ability to reset the license from the admin panel. Reinstalling the script has become much simpler, as you can now accomplish this task with a single click, without the need to access the codebase. Prior to initiating the reinstallation process, please ensure that you reset your license from your incevio account.

Frontend Admin Top Navigation Bar, Similar to WordPress:

Navigating the admin and merchant dashboards was confusing before. We have implemented a frontend admin top navigation bar for a logged-in admin and merchant Panel, akin to the familiarity of WordPress. Simply click on the "Welcome Superadmin" button, conveniently located on the top of the marketplace, to effortlessly redirect to the admin dashboard. This streamlines the process and saves you valuable time, eliminating the need to browse through separate URLs.

Multiple Announcements:

Admins can now set multiple announcements for their marketplace, prominently displayed at the top. Whether it's a special discount or any other important information, this feature allows you to communicate with users effectively and capture their attention

Improved UI:

In our commitment to continually refining the user experience, we have enhanced the design of the product thumbnail button. The updated layout ensures a more intuitive and visually appealing interface, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

Improved User Experience:

Previously, zCart relied on IP addresses to track users. However, with version 2.9, we have implemented a session-based tracking system. This upgrade optimizes user experience by providing a more seamless and personalized journey throughout the marketplace.

Moreover, we are confident that these new features will significantly enhance your experience with zCart, allowing for greater control, improved user engagement, and seamless navigation. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and encourage you to explore the latest version of zCart.