zCart Features

The zCart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Software is feature packed package. We able to list only a few of them here.

Multiple Ways of Earning

As the owner of the marketplace you can earn multiple ways. The primary earning source is the auto renewal monthly subscriptions fees ($/month) and sales commissions (%) based on the total sale made on your marketplace. Also you can charge a fixes transection fees ($) per transection basis. The sales commission and transection fees are optional; you can enable or disable these options from the admin panel.

Best Shopping Experience

To provide a better shopping experience zCart has many features like Fast Checkout option to eliminates boring steps to checkout, Ajax based shopping cart for smooth shopping, Guest Checkout for buyer who doesn’t like to share personal information, Separate shopping cart for each vendor to easily manage the payment system, integrated order tracking system are few of them. The Guest checkout feature can boom your marketplace sales volume.

Collect Actionable Data

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More Notable features

Few more feature that you may love to know before make an decision

Multilingual supports

Language files are included with the system. You can translate the whole marketplace language to your locals

Role Based Permissions

You have full control over the platform. Create new user role and give a set of permissions to limit the access for users for this specific user role


Resource allocation

Set the limit of the number of staffs and number of listings for different subscription plans

Vendors Dashboard

Every vendor will have a full featured dashboard to manage their business and staffs

Social Media Login

For haggle free customer registration the system has integrated social media login system with Facebook and Google

Storefront Themes

A fully dynamic theme based frontend management system

Vendor Landing Theme

A different theme for vendors with all reacquired features like Pricing table, self registration form, FAQs, Over views etc.

Ratings System

Buyers can provide feedbacks and ratings the product and the vendor that can help other potential buyers. This feature also helps quality control.



The default theme has multiple widget area to display dynamic banners and product stripes.

Manufacturers Profile

Add manufacturers and associate them to products. Buyers can visit the brand page to buy from same manufacturer but different sellers



An announcement is a global notification to all visitors. The best place to show limited time promotional offers

Import Dummy Contents

To start with some dummy data will help you to better understand the system

Import Customers

If you already have a customer database, you can easily import your customer data by CSV bulk upload

Email Notifications

Turn on/off notifications to receive automatic email alerts for events like new orders, updates etc.


Activity Logs

The system keep records for orders, disputes, vendor configuration changes with detail history

Google Analytics

Configure Google analytic and view even more detailed information about your marketplace traffic right on the marketplace dashboard

Maintenance Mode

Set the maintenance flag for the whole platform or even for an individual shop


Email Templates

Create email templates & send the templates an email to make a fast replay. Vendors can create their own templates


Buyer-Seller Communication

Buyer can contact directly to the seller from the order detail page and seller can reply or even can start a new conversation

Different Login Interface

Completely different login interface for customers and vendors

Exports Almost Everything

Export customers, orders, users and other table records via CSV, Excel, PDF or just copy directly into the clipboard

Static Pages

Create static HTML pages and place the link into the navigation


A complete blog system with comment section that can increase the visitors engagement with your marketplace

SEO Optimized

The system is carefully crafted for the search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo


The code is highly optimized for best performance with high speed

Google Maps

Google map API will show the location of shipping address in the map

Amazon S3

Store all images and static file to amazon s3 cloud to reduce load and speed up your marketplace

Analyze Customer Data

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