PayPal Marketplace

A package for the PayPal Marketplace API implementation in zCart multi-vendor marketplace platform.

Easy Installation

The PayPal Marketplace package installation and configuration are very easy with few steps.

Split Payments

The marketplace commission will be charged on real time and rest of the amount send to the vendor.

Key Features

Only $ 99 for lifetime

This package will allow you to cut the commissions on real-time send the money to the vendor's PayPal account. This is so convenient for the marketplace owner and vendors to sell using PayPal.

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Onetime configuration need
  • No extra charges to use the package
  • Lifetime license ownership
  • 6 months of free support


This plugin has some dependencies to function properly. Your zCart Marketplace installation must have to have these below plugins to be installed and active before you can use this plugin.


  • Install and activate the package.
  • Configure on PayPal dashboard.
  • Connect your marketplace with PayPal.
  • Ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed all FAQs here so that you can find the most common answers.

How to get the marketplace Commission?

The system will get the commission rate from subscription plans and split the payment between you and the vendor on real-time. It's fully automated.

Do I need to configure PayPal to get paid?

Yes. You need to configure your marketplace with PayPal and then vendors can easily authorise your marketplace from their settings section. After this two steps, your marketplace is ready to go.

Can I charge a subscription fees using PayPal?

No. You still need Local Subscription module or the Stripe for subscription billing.

How much does it cost to keep using this package ?

Not a single penney! All you pay is a onetime license fee and you can use it for lifetime.

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