Dynamic Popup

The "Dynamic Popup" plugin is a tool designed for zCart marketplace owners to effectively manage and display popup modal windows on their marketplace storefront. Popups are temporary, attention-grabbing elements that appear over the main content of a webpage, typically with a specific message, offer, or call to action. The Dynamic Popup Plugin allows marketplace administrators to control and customize these popups according to their preferences and objectives.

Easy Installation

The package installation and configuration are very easy with few steps.

Customization Options

Admins have the flexibility to customize the appearance and behavior of the popups

User Experience

While popups can be effective for conveying important information, it's important to prioritize a positive user experience. Users can easily dismiss the popup by a single click

Add Custom CSS

This includes options for choosing the popup's size, layout, colors, fonts, images, and other design elements to align with the marketplace's branding by doing Custom CSS/p>

Key Features

Only $ 49 for lifetime

This package empowers marketplace owners to utilize popup modal windows strategically to engage users, promote offerings, and communicate key messages.

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Onetime configuration need
  • No extra charges to use the package
  • Lifetime license ownership
  • 6 months of free support


This plugin has some dependencies to function properly. Your zCart Marketplace installation must have to have these below plugins to be installed and active before you can use this plugin.