Customer Mobile App for zCart Marketplace

  • Sabrina Lucky
  • 2 years ago
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Customer Mobile App for zCart Marketplace

Mobile apps allow users to have easy, functional access to information, products, services, and processes that they need in real-time and are optimized for hands-on interaction. Today, We are going to introduce a native app named “Customer Mobile App”. zCart customer app provides an immersive and unique experience that makes online shopping a much simpler and seamless process.

For the zCart Multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace now you also find the zCart customer app along with your existing web marketplace. The customer app will be synced with the web platform data. The app will be connected to the zCart powered marketplace using its APIs, So with no extra configuration, you can offer the most convenient shopping experience for your customers. This app is only for customers and managed from zCart web dashboard, the mobile app has no separate vendor/admin module. This app is built with Flutter, the most popular app framework created by Google. This app will work on both Android and iOS devices flawlessly.

Here are key features of zCart customer app:
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Clear UI design
  • Less expensive to start with light and Dark mode.
  • Designed for best user experience
  • Fast and easy checkout process
  • Dynamic shipping zone and cost
  • Guest checkout
  • Wishlist
  • Full-text search with spelling mistake checking
  • Flash deals (have to add from web)
  • Social login using facebook, Apple and google (if enabled in web
  • Cross sale option
  • Coupons
  • Pharma mode (if enabled in web)
  • Customer wallet (if enabled in web)
  • One Checkout (if enabled in web)
  • Invoice
  • Disputes
  • Multilingual support
  • Vendor Profile
  • Separate Brand page
  • Live chat option with attachment
  • Separate Order Chat with attachment
  • Blogs

Why You Need This App?

According to Statista, 79% of e-commerce sales have happened through native mobile apps over e-commerce websites in 2021. Recent studies and research says that mobile and tablet users have expanded to almost 60% of the population across the globe. So this analysis shows how important it is to have a mobile application for your e-commerce business. The necessity of having a mobile e-commerce app for people has become inevitable. The main reason to build this App is to help your marketplace be more accessible to your customers. It delighted your users with a built-in beautiful modern and clean design.

Key Features:

In the “zCart customer app” customers can register easily using social media accounts. Customer login and checkout experience are the same as zCart web application.


Customers can change the language conveniently. Since this app supports multi-language.


The dark mode is getting popular nowadays, your shoppers can enable the dark mode on the app.

Full Text Search

This app has a powerful search feature that will bring results from multiple fields search even when users make spelling mistakes on the search keywords.

Dynamic Shipping

When a customer places an order then his/her position will be traced. The system gets a location based on the Customer IP. So automatically the system will choose the shipping zone according to customer places.

Guest Checkout

If guest checkout is enabled on the web, a visitor can purchase items without registering or can register while purchasing the items as well. zCart allows this versatility for users to improve user experience.

Flash Deal

If the flash deal plugin is installed then the admin can promote products and make more sales.​​This package aims to focus on discounted products for a certain time. This helps the vendor and the marketplace owner for customer attraction. The Flash deal section will appear depending on the publish date. This section will hide from the home page automatically when the deal ends.


On checkout, customers will get the option to apply coupons from the vendors. The coupons will work the same on the web and the app. Coupons can be restricted to the customer or the shipping zone or open for all. Customers must have to register to apply for Coupons, this will help to get more registered customers.

Customer Account

Customers can view order lists, order details from his account and they can also provide reviews. Shoppers also can find an option to read all the blog posts from their account.


Customers can add items to their wishlist. So that next time they can easily find it to make the purchase. This is also a great way to get customers registered on your platform.


Customers can create a dispute if he/she is dissatisfied with the goods or services they purchased. So It'll create trust with your customers when they find an option like that while purchasing.

Message and Live Chat

Visitors can find a live chat option when they visit the site. They can ask any queries about products, service, delivery, or what they want to know. But to get this option visitors must have to register. Registered users can contact the vendor from the product page.

Vendor Profile

This app has a separate profile page for Vendors and Brands. The Vendor page has the details of the vendor and some statistics like how long they are selling on the platform, how many listings they have rating and reviews, and the number of items sold so far. This will give the customer a clear idea about the vendor. Shoppers will find all the products of that vendor as well. They can contact the vendor directly from this page when enabled from the web dashboard.

Brand Profile

The brand details page has information about the brand, origin of the brand, website link, description, and products. This may help the shoppers to know about the brand as well. This is also a great place to find all products from the same brand. The list will show listings from all vendors.

Social Media Sharing

Visitors can share products to all major social media available like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google +, LinkedIn, VK, Digg, and more.

Sale Pharma

With the help of the Pharmacy plugin, your marketplace will convert to a Pharma marketplace where all listings will have an expiry date. The system will pick listings that are valid for sale. This module will add an extra field to checkout so customers can upload their prescriptions to make an order.

One Checkout

If you install and activate the One Checkout plugin on the web then After purchasing different vendor’s products customers will be able to checkout from those multiple vendors using a single checkout button. This package improves the customer checkout experience.

Cross Selling

Cross-selling is the process of encouraging customers to purchase products or services in addition to the original items they intended to purchase. zCart Customer App has this amazing feature as well as Web. It's important not only because it boosts revenue, but also because it increases customer satisfaction, builds engagement, and helps to create a solid and lasting customer relationship. It also provides benefits to the new customers by offering them the right comparable higher-end product. It helps increase the revenue without any recurring cost.

Brand Recognition

Mobile applications strongly connect customers and brands. Mobile applications enhance your brand’s reputation, build trust with your brand. Moreover, mobile users have the accessibility to get push notifications with various offers, discounts, and giveaways.

Helps Target New Customers

Another unique advantage of this customer app for the business owner is that there’s always a potential to rope in new customers. The website maintains its existing customer base, but it cannot attract new customers who come across your store and find it appealing. But with the customer app new customers get attached easily more than the web.

Increased Conversion Rates

According to research, people using mobile apps have an 85% chance of adding the products to their shopping cart. These numbers are excellent as it gives the owners good exposure for their products and brand. Mobile apps can convert the user to the customer at a higher rate of 130% than websites. The bottom line is simple. More conversions translate to more earnings, and mobile apps drive higher conversion rates. So this is another advantage for business owners with the zCart customer app.


The above discussion conveys that having a mobile app for your e-commerce is inevitable because customers prefer mobile apps. And the zCart customer app is an amazing mobile app with the right functionality and concept that attracts more customers, and more customers lead to more orders, which in the end increases profits. Also, with push notifications, businesses can offer information to their customers and encourage them to make immediate orders. And now customers also enjoy their easy shopping on the zCart mobile app.